Funeral Home and Cremations in Columbus, OH: Choosing a Quality Provider

Heart & Hope Funeral Home by Schoedinger offers dignified funerals, cremation services in Columbus OH, and healing opportunities at a cost that fits almost any budget. We deliver high quality service and exceptional care to families in need.  We offer convenient, warm, and familiar locations.  Our services are backed by Schoedinger, Central Ohio’s most preferred funeral and cremation provider.  Our offerings are competitively priced without sacrificing integrity and quality.   

Heart & Hope is part of the Schoedinger family’s commitment to provide quality funeral and cremation services in Columbus Ohio. By any name, we have embodied a mission to create healing experiences as lives are remembered, shared, and honored.  

Heart – kind and compassionate service.  Hope – tomorrow will be better and we’re here to help with your first steps on that journey.  Schoedinger – over 165 years of integrity, tradition, and trust.

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When you’ve lost someone close to you in death, the last thing you want to be concerned about is the quality of care that your family and deceased loved one receive. That’s why choosing a funeral and cremation services provider in Columbus is an important step to get right. In such a difficult time, the help of a funeral home and cremations provider in Columbus, OH will minimize the burden of planning and carrying out a tribute service for your loved one.

But who should you engage for help? And how can you know they are a quality choice? With so much counting on getting this decision right, the following list of things to evaluate may be helpful in your search for a quality funeral care provider:

Services: Cremations services Columbus, OH firms are generally well qualified in the basics of the craft. But they may not be able to provide every service that the industry has to offer. As an example, many providers do not have an onsite crematory. When this service is requested, they have to hire a third party to provide it –which is often another funeral home with the capacity to handle the request. While this is not necessarily a problem for customers, it could be. Some families take comfort in minimizing the effort to lay their loved ones to rest. They prefer that the deceased receive all the care they need under one roof. If that’s important to you, be sure to ask questions accordingly.

Prices: A general price list is provided to all customers that request it. Published pricing is mandated by the law, giving a level of transparency to families in their hour of need. This law helps to prevent predatory pricing behavior in the industry. You can ask to see pricing from each funeral home and cremations provider in Columbus, OH that you are evaluating. In this way, you can quickly shop prices for those services that you would like to purchase. 

Location: Where the funeral homes Columbus, OH is located is almost as important as the services they offer. If the location is far from the community that the deceased was a part of, it’s likely too far away. If a viewing, funeral services, or cremation services will be held onsite, the location needs to be in a place that is relatively central to the place where the fallen and their community called home. It’s also important that the location be convenient for the family member who is responsible to interface with the funeral director and staff in coordinating the services.

Venue & Facility: This one goes hand in hand with the location. If the venue isn’t adequate for the needs of the family and friends who will gather, it is likely a poor choice. As needed, consider such things as: 

  • Chapel seating –is there enough space? 

  • Kitchen and banquet area for refreshments or food after the service is complete.

  • Technology services, including audio-video support, webcasting, and recording. 

  • Parking and access – will there be enough parking area

Experience: Long after attending professional school for mortuary science, industry professionals will develop expertise in the services that their community needs. This leads to specialized experience with particular cultures, faith practices, death care customs, etc. If your family has any unique requirements or requests, take the time to ask each funeral home whether they can accommodate these. If they do not have the experience you wish them to have, continue your search. 

Customized Services: Also known as funeral personalization, this practice has become quite common in the industry. But that doesn’t mean every funeral care provider does it well. A funeral or memorial service that is too focused on ceremony and tradition can lose sight of what is really important: the deceased person for whom the occasion is being held. Families and friends that attend a service lacking in personalization are often confused at the emptiness of the experience. It can be hurtful, even harmful to the healing process. Be sure the funeral and cremations services Columbus, OH provider you are considering to hire has expertise in how to personalize the service for those who come to mourn their loved one.

Well-Matched: As you work with each funeral home director and their staff, take mental note of your experience with them. As you converse and ask questions, do you find them to be helpful and friendly? Are they listening to you? Do they show they care about your situation and needs? Are they respectful? These details matter more than you may realize. 

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At Heart & Hope Funeral Home by Schoedinger, our team of caring professionals considers it a great honor to serve the families of this area who come to us for care. You’ll find our highest priority is always you and your fallen loved one. When you need funeral home and cremations service in Columbus, OH, call on us for support. Find us at 2741 Cleveland Ave Columbus, OH 43224. Call today at (614) 267-8363.

Funeral and Cremation FAQs

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